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Cross to the Foreign Investment Region

Tabriz, East-Azerbaijan, Iran

About Iran Perlite

The first and largest exporter of expanded perlite in the country





    First and greatest factory of production and supply of types of expanded perlite in Iran, began its activities under the brand of Iran Perlite Institute and with a production capacity of 2000 ton expanded perlite, since 1982 in Tabriz. This company that keep operates with the name of 'Regional Mining Cooperatives Of Azerbaijan Mines' since 1992, with increasing production capacity up to 5000 ton annual, it had the most unique role of perlite recognition in Iran , and the headers of different industries consuming perlite, absolutely have working with this company.


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   Perlite is a natural acidic medium volcanic rock that is formed in wet or watery environment because of magma freezing at Earth's surface. Perlite has a glassy texture and due to including water, spherical shapes have been created in it. The water measure in perlite is almost 2_6%.

Various names have been chosen for this mineral such as pirlesten or pirlit, during the years. But since 1992 perlite has been chosen as official name of this mineral. Perlite is inspired from French word perl, meaning pearl. In Dana's book "Fundamentals of Mineralogy", perlite has not considered as a mineral, but it has been considered as a known type of volcanic rock, riolit.

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Regional Mining Cooperative of Azerbaijan Mines,the first and largest producer of perlite in the country and the beneficiary of Ajami perlite mine

Office: Iran Perlite Co., Seraji alley, Saadi st., Aboreihan sq., Tabriz, East Azerbaijan province, Iran.

Factory: Cross to the Foreign Investment Region, Sofian road, Tabriz

Mine: Ajami Perlite Mine, 20 km to Miyaneh