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    First and greatest factory of production and supply of types of expanded perlite in Iran, began its activities under the brand of Iran Perlite Institute and with a production capacity of 2000 ton expanded perlite, since 1982 in Tabriz. This company that keep operates with the name of 'Regional Mining Cooperatives Of Azerbaijan Mines' since 1992, with increasing production capacity up to 5000 ton annual, it had the most unique role of perlite recognition in Iran , and the headers of different industries consuming perlite, absolutely have working with this company.

Efforts and activities of four decades, have added valuable experiences to hard working personnel of this complex, that utilizing from these experiences and equipped lab. , have caused us to be still outrider of manufacturing types of perlite with various density and grading for consumption of different industries like: petrochemical companies, building, food, agriculture, metallurgy, painting, textile industries and etc.



Doubtless, the trust of main consumers in various industries to this company has caused to produce perlite certainly according to desired density and grading of company and meet the requirement of perlite import from foreign countries by special industries. Also this company is in charge of exploiting Ajami perlite mine that, has most quality perlite in Iran.

Iran Perlite's factory has ISO 1001 – ISO 9001 – ISO 1400 and OHSAS 18001 international standard licenses and in addition of supplying demand of Iran's industries, it exports perlite to neighboring countries.

All our efforts are based on that by manufacturing most quality perlite, certainly according to consumer interest, can be appreciate for trust of headers of various industries in country.