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Perlite in livestock, poultry and horse breeding industry


     Perlite is used as substrate instead of sawdust that main benefit of it, is preventing from moldiness. Substrate is main factor at poultry and animal breeding and its function is stool decomposition, moisture absorption and insulation between ground and birds or other animals.

The characteristics of a suitable substrate include low moisture acidity and ammonia production. Poor substrate reduces growth, increases respiratory illness foot diseases, thigh burns and chest callus. Due to neutrality of perlite and even if eaten by chickens, it is very useful due to the high amount of calcium and potassium, also the granulation of perlite is useful for chicken corp.

Exhaustion of ammonia gas, hydrogen sulfide and etc. from semi-liquid fertilizer in large halls of poultries livestock farms and horse breeding halls causes an unpleasant and disgusting odor which while causing inconvenience to workers and poultry in the hall, increases the risk of infection of respiratory diseases.

It has recently been proved that by adding perlite to the urinary or stool tract or on the substrate, absorption can be provided. The result of this operation is the improvement of the situation of burns, stables and poultry halls, and the crop can be used instead of urea fertilizer in agriculture affairs.

In most parts of Japan, perlite is directly combined with fertilizer which decreases sublimation of ammonia gas in poultry farming. This reduction in the amount of ammonia gas emitted in the halls creates better air four the birds and has a positive effect on quantity of eggs produced, the thickness of their shells and the health of birds.

Also adding perlite directly to the substrate has significantly reduced the moisture content of substrate, but it has no effect on body weight, food intake, food conversion ratio and death toll in broilers.