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Ajami Perlite Mine


  Regional Mining Cooperative of Azerbaijan Mines is the exploiter of Ajami perlite mine. The mine is located 25 km west of Miyaneh on the south east of the abandoned village of Ajami that 1/5 km of there is dirt road that by south east of Ajami village is separated from main road.

The perlite of this mine is more of the gray perlite type, and since part of this reserve is covered by Pliocene and Quaternary sediments, therefore the reserve estimate will be based only on the level of protrusion and with approximation and speculation. The total surface of the protrusion is about 300,000 m2 and since the average height is about 20 m, by contemplate the topographic slope, the amount of storage is estimated at 11 million tons.



Applications of raw perlite

Raw perlite is used in industries such as ceramic, tannins, electrode, cement, explosives, metallurgy, synthetic zeolite, filter, filler and fiberglass.


For the preparation of silica, alkane and aluminum elements required for ceramics, the homogeneous and uniform combination of raw perlite can be replaced by quartz and feldspar in Chinese preparation. Perlite can be used in the preparation of colorful glazes. In floor and toilets tiles, perlite replaces feldspar by 12 to 35% . Electric ceramics and fiberglass of perlite are well recognized.


Perlite is used for preparation of pozzolanic cement and concrete.


Perlite is suitable raw material for preparation of various types of zeolite using thermal soluble.


Perlite with a hardness of 5 to 6 is used as an abrasive material.


Raw perlite if applied as a layer on molten material, prevents the molten from oxidizing, reducing temperature drop collects slag. Perlite is also used as an additive in casting sand in the foundry industry. The insulating properties of perlite reduce the speed of molten materials solidification and foundry problems.

Permeability of perlite removes lightweight gases from environment, increases the ability to cool and heat the foundry sands by adding perlite, thus reduces the defect and weakness of the expansion operation, then causes saving in time and cost of cleaning foundry parts. Also while casting expanded perlite is used for heat retention at melting level.