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Perlite in food industry


     Perlite is one of unique materials for filtration, since perlite is a very pure, stable, white and weightless material and has collective structure with many microscopic channels, using it causes the high clarity and glassiness in filtered material and does not change the taste, color or smell of original one.

Therefor it is considered as a great filtering material for foods, drinks and pharmaceutical products.

All types of filtering by perlite

a) Stable filtration that the liquid is crossing through the perlite filter layer

b) Movable filtration that perlite is added to the subject liquid

c) Mixed filtration that at first liquid crosses from filtration layer, then perlite is added

Advantages of using perlite in filtration

      The advantages of using perlite in food filtration is that leftover pulp of perlite mold is using as additional compound of animals' food in most countries.

Moreover other benefits of perlite are as following:

The maximum purity of filtered product, wide range of changes, colorless, odorless, tasteless, secure, insoluble in acids, safe, silica index is less than 1%, usable by standard filtration equipment, easy cake release, easy filter purgation, low friction and corrosion of equipment, easy use and control and economic.

Perlite in filtration:

a)Filtering in food process: Corn extract, juice, sugar, pectin, citric acid, vegetable oil, molasses, casein and light drinks.

b)Filtering in industrial process: Water purification, oil discoveries, filtering water of pool, industrial oil, wells, recycling solvents and oils such as polish oil and grease.

c)Filtering in chemical process: Organic and inorganic chemicals, gum, sulfuric acid, polymer, polyethylene, TiO2, glues, dungs, refused material, wax, glassy polish, paint, Ti O, resin, brine, muck, textile and mineral chemistry.

d)Filtering in pharmaceutical process: Enzyme, magnesium sulfate salt, penicillin, streptomycin and tetramycin.

e)Perlite as a filler: Filer perlite due to complicated and unique structure and neutrality has various applications in different industries.


Main benefits of perlite:

1_Due low density is a cheap filler.

2_It is monotone white and does not have color effect on end product.

3_Due to shape of particles a good connection is established between perlite and polyesters.

4_Size and shape of particles increase friction resistance and tensile force.

5_It has low cost of providing raw material and high performance.

6_While it is using with other materials increases the fire resistance of end product.

7_Perlite fillers generally are neutral and perlite has registered in chemical and food regulations list of U.S.A.

Main cases of filter perlite consumption:

Textile, oil, polish, glue, charlock, paint, color fixing, plastics, ceramics, caulk paste, scotch, polish paste, natural and artificial rubbers, compounds, silicon, facade of building (surface coating), kenitex, wax, matches, tiles, children's play dough, thermal plastic resin and thermal hardening resin, detergents, papers and etc.